Next club meets are...

Thu Mar 07 @10:30AM - 05:00PM
Hill-Walking Meet - Dunsop Bridge
Fri Mar 15
Winter Alternative
Thu Mar 21 @10:30AM - 05:00PM
Mid-Week Walk - Wyre Way

Meet our committee

Like most if not all clubs the committee is run by volunteers and we think it's important that they aren't anonymous. Just in case you want to contact any of our committee with suggestions for meets, social get togethers etc here's the current crop of 'usual suspects' so that you can choose the appropriate person to talk to.

Placeholder imagePresident; Tony Halliwell





nikkiVice President: Dan McCreerie





lesleyHon. Secretary: Bill Wiseman


benTreasurer: Ben Coe

Ben has now been elected to look after the money. This is what happened when someone told him there was a 50p piece on a ledge 'just up there'. Please do not do that, it took ages to get him to stop looking and come down!



danLisaMeet Secretary: Katie Farrell

Katie has volunteered to share the load on this core job with in the PMC.



placeholder imageNew Members Secretary: Sarah Keast

Sarah is your point of contact for more information if you are thinking of joining our club or just want some info or a question answered